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A cordless circuit tester can be extremely helpful

April 12, 2016 - Uncategorized


I am constantly plagued by electrical gremlins. This cordless circuit tester has been a boon.

I love classic cars and motorcycles, and I live by the sea. Seems I can’t go a year without something corroding, shorting, or otherwise forcing me to spend hours trying to sort out odd behavior on an old electrical system. This spring? The headlight thumbswitch. Enter the cordless circuit tester!

For ages I’ve used a handy old test lamp. Clip one side to ground and start poking about with the spike, checking to see if a line has power. The problem for me is that the ground line is never quite long enough. The alligator clip always tends to pop loose when I’m going for that one wire that is just out of reach. Problem is that I rarely notice the clip has come off and frequently had to repeat tests. This cordless model ends that.

This cordless circuit tester is easy to use. Just carefully use the tip of the tester to poke the wire you want to test. If you’ve found power, the tip will light up and a buzzer will sound. Could not be easier.

If you are chasing electrical gremlins, this cordless tool is an improvement over the corded versions.

Non-Contact Voltage Testers with Flashlight Function-Orange by Aidbucks via Amazon
Source: Boing Boing

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