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A 4DX movie theater put me so close to 'Batman v Superman,' I could smell their super-sweat

March 30, 2016 - Uncategorized



I have seen the future of movie-going, and it is water-spewing, butt-rattling theater seats.

That’s what an $8 ticket surcharge gets you when you book reserved seating in a 4DX-enhanced movie theater. 4DX brings the motion simulation of theme park rides like Disney’s Star Tours to your average summer blockbuster.

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Here’s where you sit when you spring for 4DX:

The seats are fancy, but they’re not particularly comfortable. Comfort isn’t really the point with 4DX. You feel all sorts of hard bits just beneath the cushions, but they’re necessary for knocking you around when big things happen on the screen. Read more…

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