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A 12-year-old kid made himself Australia's prime minister for 2 days on Wikipedia

April 13, 2016 - Uncategorized



It isn’t surprising no one noticed. In Australia, the prime minister changes every few weeks. Okay, months. OK, years. 

Either way, one brilliant Australian kid named Orley Fenelon, aged 12, decided he deserved the title as much as the next bloke (or sheila). So he did what any self-respecting Internet child does, and made himself the leader on Wikipedia.

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As anyone that is anyone knows, Wikipedia holds all truth. So in actual fact, Fenelon was Australia’s 30th Prime Minister for two days. He stands alongside Australian meme-generator Tony Abbott, the first female leader Julia Gillard and the man who won’t stop speaking Mandarin, Kevin Rudd.   Read more…

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