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97-year-old woman fighting cancer faces eviction from her home of 66 years

February 24, 2016 - Uncategorized



A 97-year-old California woman in her second battle with cancer is facing eviction from her home of 66 years despite a promise from her first landlord that she could live there for the rest of her life

Current landlord David Kantz served Marie Hatch with a 60-day eviction notice on Feb. 11. His lawyer says Kantz’s wife’s will obligates him to sell the property this year, even though many say his wife (along with her mother and grandmother) promised Hatch she could keep her home

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Kantz doesn’t plan on honoring the verbal promise, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. If he goes through with the eviction, he will also kick out Hatch’s 85-year-old roommate, Georgia Rothrock Read more…

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