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8 League of Legends players to watch this season

March 30, 2016 - Uncategorized



A new year means a new chance for top League of Legends teams to prove themselves the best in the world. Many Summoners have come and gone over the course of the spring split. After nine weeks of intense competition, North America and Europe are now gearing up for playoffs

Which teams will emerge victorious for each region? These eight players stood out as ones to watch from North America and Europe when the big games begin in April (we’ll have a separate list for the SE Asian teams).

1. Reignover

It’s a near-impossible task to highlight just one player from NA’s Immortals. The newly formed team played a nearly undefeated season, and that success was indeed a team effort. The brazen aggression from Wildturtle, the flexibility of Pobelter, the power from Huni and the leadership of Adrian have all been excellent. But it’s the lethal mastery in the jungle by Reignover that turned the most heads. He’s widely considered the best North America jungler, participating in nearly every first blood for the team and currently leading the NA LCS in kill/death/assist ratio. Read more…

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