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7 reasons you should pick up a side gig (that have nothing to do with money)

March 10, 2016 - Uncategorized



Years ago, I worked Sunday brunch at a busy Manhattan restaurant. I left the shift approximately $250 richer, feeling beat, but in a good, hard-earned way. The next morning, my alarm would go off, and I’d rise and prepare for the first of five days in the office. My second job allowed me to travel a reasonable amount, sock some money away in an IRA, and enjoy frequent alcohol-fueled dinners with my friends at upscale spots.

I never saw the extra work as being anything more than economically logical. But, as such, I knew it wasn’t something I could carry on forever. Instead of having a two-day weekend, I technically only had one, and that was a path likely to lead to burnout. When I switched companies, I was able to make up for the weekend cash with a salary bump that coincided with a higher title and far greater job responsibilities. Working brunch no longer made sense for me. Read more…

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