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5 Free WordPress Blogging Themes That Rock

March 22, 2016 - Uncategorized

WordPress is the best blogging platform anyone can use today.  It is easy to use, has great community support, is SEO friendly, works with the best hosting providers around, and is super extendable by adding plugins and themes hand-picked by you to create an amazing design. The great thing about WordPress is that because it has been around for such a long time, there have been a lot of effort invested by theme and plug-in developers into creating WordPress extensions that are professional and polished. If you’re looking to create a blogging website for yourself or client, check out these 5 free WordPress blogging themes.

Below, we are going to share with you 5 free WordPress blogging themes that rock, showing you why they should be your blogging theme front runners.

So…what are we waiting for?  Let’s check them out!


This classy theme offers the perfect balance as a blogging theme.  It is adaptable to all types of content and is user-friendly for all website owners.  You can give it a minimalistic feel that just focuses on your written word, or design a more robust and exciting portfolio look with lots of imagery.  This, paired with the ability to include a large, vibrant header image to capture your audience’s attention right away, gives Mallow the ability to showcase your work like never before.


Using only the fastest and most secure code, this theme will never falter when it comes to speed.  It also boasts SEO friendliness so the content you publish can be found by everyone.  In fact, it is perfectly compatible with the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO (among others) making your SEO efforts a breeze.

Mallow Theme Demo


Creative bloggers rejoice!  Good WordPress theme is here to provide you all of your artistic blogging theme needs.  This portfolio styled theme allows for an extensive display of your work whether that be written content, artwork, or photography.  The only limitation here is your blogging imagination.

Good (1)

Elegant typography gives your content that special visual appeal, unlimited color options and the chance to show the real you. You can even take it a step further by adding a one-of-a-kind logo and favicon so your readers can identify you in a moment’s notice.

Since Good relies on the portfolio layout, all of your content and images will be fully responsive and retina ready.  Compatible with WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, Jetpack, and WP Rocket, Good will function as you want it to and give your users an excellent experience every time.

Good Theme Demo


Another grid-like blogging theme, Upright is easy to customize in real-time using WordPress’ Theme Customizer.  Feature a carousel or slider with eye-popping imagery, mix and match the perfect color scheme to meet your site’s design needs, and become a global presence using Upright’s localization support for easy translation of your content.


Working well with ZillaShortcodes, Upright allows for even more customization such as columns, buttons, toggles, alerts and tabs.  Make your theme a high performer with W3 Total Cache, get in touch with your readers using Contact Form 7, and get found by Google using Yoast SEO.  But most of all, be prepared for lots of interested visitors because your blog and Upright make a great combination your readers will want to check out.

Upright Theme Demo


A clean, fresh, and simple blogging theme, Popster is meant for masters of the written word.  What’s great about this blogging theme is that despite its organized focus on your writing, it is flexible enough for you to add some visual appeal as well.  Popster is not drab and boring.  Rather, it is neat and orderly, easy to navigate, and has all the elements a good blogger would need to promote amazing content. With the increasing presence and popularity of minimalist websites, Popster makes an excellent choice as a WordPress blogging theme.


Popster always maintains high standard coding and comes with regular updates so your theme is always in working order.  It is also 100% responsive for readers on the go and will display on all major internet browsers without a problem.  Moreover, Popster gives you added flexibility as it is fully functional with the popular form builder Gravity Forms.

Popster Theme Demo


Lightly is a WordPress blogging theme with a modern feel that allows you to put your content at the forefront without overwhelming your audience with excessive design.  Its generous white space gives the clean and simple look, a solid grid layout makes for easy viewing, and the sidebar offers multiple navigational choices for your readers.


The homepage is where it’s at with Lightly.  Drag & drop several widgets onto your homepage for that extra customization.  Create an automated slider displaying your best blog posts.  And to top it off, preview as you edit using the Theme Customizer so you know exactly what your readers will see when you click ‘Publish’.

Compatible with WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, ZillaShortcodes, and Yoast SEO, Lightly may look simple on the surface, but underneath the hood there is definitely a lot of muscle and power potential.

Lightly Theme Demo

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to start a blog or you are creating a blog for a client, WordPress should be the only platform for you to consider. In the end, finding the perfect WordPress blogging theme is easy.  Just pick one from the list above and create your content.  You cannot go wrong using Mallow, Good, Upright, Popster, or Lightly.

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