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45 Premium Responsive Bigcommerce Templates

March 21, 2016 - Uncategorized

In today’s article, we have rounded up 45 of the best premium, responsive Bigcommerce templates and themes. Bigcommerce is a great eCommerce platform which enables merchants to create websites, sell more and scale faster than any other eCommerce solution. Bigcommerce not only offers great themes and templates on which you can easily build your online store, but also some very useful tools for SEO, customer care and more.

For those of you who don’t yet have a Bigcommerce account, you can sign up for a free 15 day trial (no credit card required) and test drive the platform.

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Bigcommerce themes are highly responsive and advanced to help drive sales. In order to continue growing any business, you’ll need a sleek, user-friendly website that will guide customers through the check out process quickly and easily, while providing an enjoyable shopping experience, much like what it would feel like if they were to walk in an actual store. The products must be displayed neatly and all the information about each particular product should be provided in a clear manner, in order to persuade potential buyers and speed up the check out process.

We researched and collected 45 premium responsive Bigcommerce templates for both new and established websites that combine stunning designs and typography with unmatched functionality for the perfect online shopping experience. These websites come backed with a variety of features and plugins, like complex search filtering, product showcase, support for high resolution images, and other highly customizable features that will make your life easier and your online store more successful. Please note that while these are not free Bigcommerce templates, they are definitely worth the small fee that they come with. Take a look and let us know which Bigcommerce templates you like best in the comment section below!

Venture Bright

Venture Bright is a responsive Bigcommerce theme for fast-growing online stores that’s ultra-powerful, modern, and highly customizable. It comes with a flat style, with large, beautiful visual elements. The sample store shown in the demo sells various outdoor products, but the theme can be used for any other type of online store.


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Venture Cool

Venture Cool is a fully-responsive Bigcommerce template that offers features such as complex search filtering and a product comparison table,optimized for wholesale and mobile, tablet and desktop use. The demo website showcases electronic products.


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Solo Luxe

Solo Luxe is an awesome Bigcomerce theme that features a sharp design and retina-ready, full-width images to easily feature and sell products. It has a minimalist template design, suitable for many kinds of online businesses.


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Solo Organic

Solo Organic is a Bigcommerce template that features a clean design, product filtering, and product showcase, among many other great features. This design is perfect for an online website selling organic or natural products.


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Showroom Refined

Showroom Refined is a sleek and sophisticated Bigcommerce theme designed to keep up with fast-growing online businesses, and features a front page slideshow and high resolution product images to help you sell more.


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Showroom Minimal

Showroom Minimal is a clean, minimalistic Bigcommerce template that’s both elegant and powerful. It can be used to sell accessories, furniture, designer objects and more!


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Peak Standard

Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t a “standard” or “regular” Bigcommerce theme by any means. This template is the ultimate choice for high-volume eCommerce sellers as it’s powerful enough to handle any size of catalog and lets you easily advertise promotions and toggle between different items sold and featured on your homepage.



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Peak Light

Peak Light is a fully responsive Bigcommerce template that offers product filtering and that’s optimized for large catalogs, sales, and discounts. The design is light, clean and easy on the eyes.


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Merchant Classic

Merchant Classic is a versatile, scalable Bigcommerce theme that has a clean and stylish look and that’s designed to get the customers to the checkout.


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Merchant Bright

Merchant Bright is a responsive Bigcommerce template that’s perfect for catalogs, large or small, and it’s designed to lead the customers to the checkout page faster and easier.


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Lookbook Standard

Lookbook Standard is a Bigcommerce theme that takes your product photography to the next level by showcasing images in a dual-column product grid. It comes with a fixed header and nested navigation to help increase sales for your online store.


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Lookbook Organic

Lookbook Organic is a premium Bigcommerce template that features a clean, minimalistic design and comes with lots of cool plugins, like a customizable product selector, a video player for featuring your items, and a persistent cart.


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Geneva Bold

Geneva Bold is a contemporary Bigcommerce theme with an editorial look and feel that’s designed to showcase top-shelf products and boutique collections. This theme is ideal for large, high resolution images.


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Geneva Colorful

Geneva Colorful is a responsive Bigcommerce template that offers a carousel area for featuring up to four featured images or products of your choice, or any other important content that you’d like to showcase on your website.


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Foundry Classic

Foundry Classic is an extremely versatile and customizable Bigcommerce theme. It comes packed with great features, like advanced quick view, one page check out, and product videos. The home page features a slider with featured products and a large background image, with a very visible call to action button.


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Foundry Moody

This Bigcommerce template has a clean and simple design and features cart suggested products, complex search filtering, and a multi tiered sidebar menu. Its minimalist design is suitable for various types of online businesses, from selling luxury accessories, clothes to designer objects and more.


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Flagship Classic

Flagship Classic is a Bigcommerce template that is optimized for single-product stores and it’s powerful enough to handle larger inventories in order to help grow and emerging or established business. The demo page shows a store selling music accessories, but this template is also ideal for other online businesses.


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Flagship Cool

If you’ve been looking for a cool Bigcommerce theme, then Flagship Cool may be the perfect choice. This them is elegant and clean and features product filtering, product showcase, and a switchable grid list product view. It uses large visual elements and has a clean user interface.


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Capacity Bright

Capacity Bright is a responsive Bigcommerce template that comes with customizable mega-navigation, product filtering, and a unique modular slideshow area, ideal for handling even the largest inventories.


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Capacity Cool

Capacity Cool is a premium Bigcommerce theme that sets a new, higher standard for ecommerce navigation and search functionality and showcases high resolution images and a product showcase, among many other great features that will help you sell more.


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Arcade Natural

Arcade Natural is a beautiful, contemporary, and functional Bigcommerce template designed to drive sales. It offers complex search filtering and advanced quick view options.


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Arcade Bright

Arcade Bright is a highly customizable, responsive Bigcommerce theme that offers in-depth product comparison, displays user reviews, and features bold call-to-action buttons that grab your customers’ attention and guide them through the buying process faster and with more ease. The design is bold and colorful.


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Venture Warm

Venture Warm is a stylish and modern Bigcommerce template designed for large catalogs with a wide range of products, that’s as powerful as it is versatile. It uses neutral, earthy and easy on the eyes colors to make you feel warm and welcome when browsing the online store. Use large, high resolution photos with this template, and you’ll definitely catch your clients’ attention!


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Venture Dark

Venture dark is a modern, sophisticated Bigcommerce theme ideal for fast growing online businesses that’s optimized for a variety of devices and browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 10+. This theme is mobile-friendly and renders perfectly in mobile and non-mobile devices.


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Solo Minimal

Solo Minimal is a responsive Bigcommerce template that showcases stunning, full-width images for a better and clearer shopping experience. Let your customer be focused on the products, rather than on a cluttered website design.


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Solo Bright

Solo Bright is a modern Bigcommerce theme that is minimalist and ideal for small catalog online stores. It uses vibrant, bold colors, flat styles, nice typography and gorgeous photos.


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Showroom Organic

Showroom Organic is a responsive Bigcommerce template that gives your website an attractive, minimalistic look and feel, and comes packed with features like switchable grid list product view, product filtering, product videos, and cart suggested products to help increase sales.


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Showroom Bold

Showroom Bold is a premium Bigcommerce theme that features sleek, high resolution images, and advanced features like product filtering and quick view for a better shopping experience designed for a fast-growing online store.


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Peak Bold

Peak Bold is a clean Bigcommerce template that’s scalable, highly responsive and perfect for growing businesses across a wide range of industries. It has a slightly vintage tone added to it, but you can change it course as all Bigcommerce templates are highly customizable.


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Peak Warm

Peak Warm is an ideal Bigcommerce theme for websites that showcase brilliant, high resolution images, and for product filtering that will help drive sales for your online business.


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Merchant Light

Merchant Light is a fantastic Bigcommerce template for any online business, suited to catalogs both large and small. It’s easy to set up, a pleasure to browse, and designed to quickly drive sales.


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Merchant Bold

Merchant Bold is a versatile Bigcommerce theme that is scalable, highly customizable and fully responsive, helping you better share your products and vision with the world.


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Lookbook Colorful

Lookbook Colorful is premium Bigcommerce template that’s ideal for showcasing large, high resolution, professional photography that will impress any viewer and ultimately help drive sales.


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Lookbook Dark

Lookbook Dark made it into our collection of best responsive Bigcommerce themes because it beautifully showcases your high resolution images and comes with a persistent cart and free customer support for a faster and easier shopping experience.


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Geneva Pastel

Geneva Pastel is a beautiful Bigcommerce template ideally designed for top-shelf products and specialty collections. It offers a long scroll feature and focuses on large, high-resolution images that will wow your viewers.


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Geneva Grey

Geneva Grey is a stylish, highly responsive Bigcommerce template that features a carousel area for showcasing what’s most important on your website.


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Foundry Light

Foundry Light is an ultra-versatile Bigcommerce theme that comes with free customer support, free theme upgrades, and advanced quick view and product showcase.


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Foundry Warm

Foundry Warm is a versatile, responsive Bigcommerce template for fast growing online businesses that offers high resolution images and a multi tiered sidebar menu for an infinitely better shopping experience.


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Flagship Warm

Flagship Warm is optimized for single-product stores and features product filtering, a one page checkout, and product videos. This theme made it into our collection of responsive Bigcommerce templates because of it’s mobile-friendly design that is not only pretty but also functional.


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Flagship Modern

Flagship Modern is an eye-catching, contemporary Bigcommerce theme that will draw customers in. It’s optimized for single-product stores with high inventories. It features a large background image and a light menu.


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Spotlight Bold

Spotlight is a bold and engaging Bigcommerce template that’s responsive, with a homepage that’s designed to feature your top products and promotions.


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Chelsea Bright

Chelsea Bright is a highly mobile-friendly Bigcommerce theme that helps you create the perfect look for your online store. It features large imagery and elegant typography that will create a perfect environment for visitors to shop, making them feel like they’ve walked right into a high-end boutique. If you’re looking to start an online store that deal with boutique or high-end products, Chelsea Bright may make an excellent choice for you.


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Prosper Bright

This Bigcommerce template features a stylish, long-format homepage, engaging product presentation, and beautiful typography for a more engaging shopping experience.


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Spotlight Warm

Spotlight Warm is a responsive Bigcommerce theme that is easily customizable and combines stunning, full-width imagery with promotion boxes, customer reviews, and quick-add-to-cart functionality that will help drive sales.


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Prosper Minimal

Prosper Minimal is a highly responsive theme that will help get customers to the check out page faster with features like a persistent cart and advanced quick view.


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This finishes our roundup of the best premium, responsive Bigcommerce templates and themes. Which one did you like the most and why? Which Bigcommerce themes do you wish you were using in your online store? And which premium templates do you wish made it into this list? Please share your feedback below.

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