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3D-printed Rembrandt painting looks almost as good as the real thing

April 6, 2016 - Uncategorized



Bringing us one step closer to the day when computers compete directly with humans in the arts, a new painting has been created using software to mimic the style of a master

The painting, titled “The Next Rembrandt” (below), is the result of a team of developers who, with the technical support of Microsoft and backing from Dutch bank ING, sought to create an original new work “by Rembrandt” using data from his existing paintings

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“When you want to make a new painting you have some idea of how it’s going to look,” said Ben Haanstra, a part of the developer team, in a press statement. “But in our case we started from basically nothing — we had to create a whole painting using just data from Rembrandt’s paintings.” Read more…

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