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250 rubber bouncy balls sounded like a really good idea

March 25, 2016 - Uncategorized


There are rubber bouncy balls in between my couch cushions, under ever piece of furniture, and filling my desk tray. I feel like someone re-wrote the Trouble with Tribbles, starring bouncy balls.

It started out innocently, I have a gumball machine. I noticed that my daughter ALWAYS wants the bouncy ball at a local pizza parlor, and never candy from their machines, so guess what I did? This bag of 250 more than filled the tank, and there were quite a few left over. I say were.

Throwing handfuls of bouncy balls in a small room never gets old. Bouncy balls loose in the car on a windy road can be kind of scary.

While rubber bouncy balls can be a lot of fun, they are a real choking hazard around small kids and pets. Like my dog Pretzel. I was constantly removing them from her mouth for a while, lucky she wants to chew them up and not swallow them hole. We’ve gotten more careful. The cat wants to chase them, and bat them around too.

You can also make your own. DIY cornstarch and borax balls are not as long lived as rubber ones, which may be good. They also will destroy a gumball machine, don’t use them for that.

250 Rubber Bouncy Balls via Amazon
Source: Boing Boing

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