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25 Awesome Movie Effects Photoshop Tutorials

April 15, 2016 - Uncategorized

Did you like our Sci-Fi/Space Photoshop tutorials list? If yes, then you’ll definitely enjoy learning some new tips and tricks from these 25 movie effects Photoshop tutorials! For all the movie fans out there, we gathered here some really cool movie effects Photoshop tutorials which will teach you how to recreate your favorite movies posters or even manipulate your own photos and make you look like your favorite movie character!

Use filters, shapes, brushes and other techniques to create your favorite movie effects. You will be able to use some of these effects as text styles and even transform them into actions! You will then add the desired movie effects with just a click!

So, here are our choices of the best movie effects Photoshop tutorials we found. What do you think? Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Na’vi Avatar Photo Manipulation

This is a Photoshop tutorial that will teach you how to photo-manipulate yourself into a Na’vi from  James Cameron’s movie “Avatar”.


Transformers Movie Wallpaper

Are you Transformers fan? Here’s how to create your own exclusive Transformers wallpaper in Photoshop to enjoy it every day on your desktop! This Photoshop tutorial will show you how.


Creating Avatar Movie Wallpaper

Learn how to create an Avatar movie wallpaper. This tutorial will teach you how to apply all the effects and filters in order to create this mesmerizing wallpaper.


Transformers Effect

Another transformers tutorial, but this one will show you in a step-by-step process, how to apply a Transformers effect on any text you want.


X-MEN movie poster

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn some cool tricks in order to create this awesome custom wallpaper or movie poster.


The amazing spiderman

Decorate your desktop with this amazing spiderman wallpaper tutorial! Learn how to do it yourself, step by step.


Spiderman poster

Create a beautiful Spiderman poster or wallpaper for your desktop, by following this useful tutorial for all the Spiderman fans out there.


Iron Man movie wallpaper

In this tutorial, you’ll go through some easy steps for creating a nice Iron Man movie wallpaper in Photoshop. You’ll use Photoshop’s simple shapes, layer styles and gradients.


Iron Man Wallpaper

If you’re an Iron Man fan, then you must learn how to create this wicked dark-themed wallpaper.


Iron Man View Interface Effect in Photoshop

Do you like the Iron Man interface effect? Then learn how to create it yourself, using Photosop effects and filters!


The X Files – I want to belive

Passionate about The X Files? Then customize your desktop with a cool X Files wallpaper created from scratch by you. Learn how to do it from this Photoshop tutorial.


Mysticism in The X Files (I Want to Believe)

In this Photoshop tutorial you will be taught how to design a mystic grunge-style wallpaper with an X Files theme.


Angels and Demons

This tutorial is about recreating the title graphics of the movie, Angels and Demons.


Watchmen Movie Wallpaper

Watchmen movie fan? Learn how to create this cool wallpaper using Photoshop!


Creating Star Wars Logo

Learn how to create Star Wars logo in Photoshop by yourself. This cool effect can be used as a text style as well.


The Dark Knight Grunge Wallpaper

Here’s a quick Photoshop tutorial on the making of a grunge-style The Dark Knight wallpaper!



This tutorial shows how to take a stock image of a human skull into Photoshop and create a terminator robot.


Indiana Jones Movie Logo/Text Effect

Learn how to remake the awesome Indiana Jones text in Photoshop! This is the text effect used in the posters and promotional images of Indiana Jones.


Painting Nemo In Photoshop

This tutorial will guide in a step-by-step procedure on how to paint the character Nemo from Pixar’s animated movie Finding Nemo using Photoshop.


Wall-E Cartoon Style Wallpaper

Do you want to make cartoon style wallpaper by yourself? This Photoshop tutorial will show you how! Plus, if you’re a Wall-E fan, you’ll definitely enjoy this!


Recreate the ‘Bee Movie’ Text Effect

In this quick Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to recreate the ‘Bee movie’ text effect.


2012 Text Effect

Recreate the text effect from the title of 2012 blockbuster movie, by following this easy tutorial.


Kung Fu Panda Wallpaper

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own wallpaper on one of the 3D cartoons in Kung Fu Panda, using a collage of graphic elements.


In this tutorial, you’re going to create an icey-cold effect using layer styles and that you can apply to different objects. It is similar to the text effect from the Ice Age movie, done in Photoshop!


Ice Age Acorn

Here’s a special extended tutorial on illustrating the famous Ice Age acorn.


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