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16 times Britain was the best country in the world at swearing

March 28, 2016 - Uncategorized



LONDON — We’re really, really good at swearing in Britain.

We pride ourselves on it. Whether it’s screaming foul-mouthedly at fellow road users, blasting four-letter words at cold-callers or simply tweeting a creative mish-mash of insults at our best-loved politicians, we’ve got this whole bad language thing down to a T.

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Here’s some sweary proof…

1. The time this Scottish mum told her daughters off.

2. The contents of the “Wanker Wednesdays” Reddit thread, which encourages people to moan about people/things that annoy them.


Image: Reddit


Image: Reddit


Image: Reddit


Image: Reddit


Image: Reddit

3. This glorious, 11-minute-long supercut of British road-users’ sweariest moments.

4. This sweary piece of artwork.


Image: Facebook Shit London/Martin Walker Read more…

5. This phone recording of a not-exactly-satisfied BT customer.

6. This blunt (but undeniably creative) response to David Cameron.

7. This man’s inventive trolling efforts.

8. Pretty much every word uttered by Malcom Tucker from The Thick of It.

9. This handy wildlife guide.

10. This foul-mouthed BBC Breakfast guest.

11. This Scottish man’s opinion on the 5p bag charge.

12. This classic clip from the opening of Four Weddings and a Funeral, which contains 13 expletives in less than two minutes.

13. This well-worded takedown of a newspaper article.

14. Ron, perfecting his use of the phrase “bloody hell” in Harry Potter.

15. This friendly laminated note left on a parked car.

16. And finally, Ronnie Pickering.

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