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15 Free Gesture Icon Sets for Mobile Developers

November 14, 2015 - Uncategorized

With the rapid rise in popularity of touch devices, from mobile phones and tablets to the many laptops and monitors that support touch, developers need to find a quick way of explaining the many touch-enabled interactions that add extra functionality and improve the experience and productivity of many of the latest applications to new users. Many developers use gesture icon sets, or interaction icons, to teach new users how to use their app.

In this short post, we have collected 15 free gesture icon sets for you. The gesture icons come in many different styles, sizes and, most importantly, formats. And just like all free resources, please do check the license, they can change from time-to-time.

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Touch Gestures Icons Designed by Jeff Portaro (100 Icons, AI, EPS, CSH, PSD, PNG, SVG)
Touch Gestures Icons

Touch Gesture Icons Designed by Mobile Tuxedo (48 Icons, PSD, EPS, PNG)
Touch Gesture Icons

Gesture Icons Designed by Frexy (38 Icons, EPS, SVG)
Gesture Icons

Gesty Designed by Mariusz Ostrowski (43×8 Icons, AI, CSH, SVG, EPS)
Gesty gesture icon set

Free Gesture Icon Set Designed by Rena One (14 Icons, PSD, AI, PNG)
Free Gesture Icon Set

Gesture Icons Designed by Theme Raid (50 Icons, AI)
Gesture Icons

Hand Gesture Icons Designed by Abdus (12 Icons, PSD)
Hand Gesture Icons

Gesture & Transition Icons Designed by NOGA (19 Icons, Sketch)
Gesture & Transition Icons

Free Touch Gestures Designed by Tom Loots (9 Icons, AI)
Free Touch Gestures

Flat Hands Illustration Vector (AI, EPS)
Flat Hands Illustration Vector

UX Gesture Icons Designed by Gaoyoungor (12 Icons, PSD)
UX Gesture Icons

iPhone Gestures Designed by Julian Burford (12 Icons, AI)
Gestures free icon set

iPhone Gestures Designed by Suleiman Leadbitter (12 Icons, Sketch)
iPhone Gestures icons

Hand Gesture Pack Designed by Tom Johnson
Hand Gesture Pack

Material Design Hand Gestures Designed by Oxygenna (8 Icons, PSD, PNG)
Material Design Hand Gestures

Righteous Gestures Designed by Martin Cajzer (56 Icons, AI, PSD)
Righteous Gestures icon sets

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