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14 photos to remind you of Telstra's good old days

March 22, 2016 - Uncategorized



Back in 1992 life was simple. We lived a good life, generally without any Internet and when you wanted to call home you had to walk down the road from school to call your mum at one of those things called a phone box. 

If you were lucky, you had a homelink number so you could make a call without searching through your pockets for loose change. If you were unlucky, someone had stuck gum inside the coin slot. Coverage was almost every street corner, reliability was making sure you had 40 cents. 

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Today, we lose our Internet connection and our world falls apart. Ubers drive around aimlessly, people can’t converse with each other and emojis are stuck in cyberspace. It is hell on Earth.  Read more…

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