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10 Useful Tools & Apps for UX Designers & Web Agencies

April 13, 2016 - Uncategorized

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There are many good multi-purpose prototyping tools on the market, but even when you limit your search to the very best, it still makes sense to ask yourself a few questions before making your choice. Doing so places you in the best position to find the one that meets your every need.

  • Features. Look for what you know you need. Avoid tools featuring an abundance of unnecessary bells and whistles – and consequently, a steeper learning curve.
  • Usage. Are you prototyping websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, or all of the above?
  • Interactivity. Make sure your selection supports this important feature.
  • Team size. For large teams, or teams working on large projects, you’ll need a tool with robust feedback features.

There are other things to take into account as well. One of the most important is a usability testing capability and the need to provide useful usability metrics. You’ll find excellent usability tools within our list of top UI/UX tools.


InVision is the market’s leading product design and collaboration platform. It is an ideal tool for the individual designer or small team, and its Enterprise edition has all the power a large or inter-departmental team working on complex projects will ever need.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience InVision

InVision’s usability testing feature is an invaluable asset for testing prototypes directly on users’ devices. It enables you to record user interactions, hear their voices, and see their faces – types of feedback that are normally difficult to acquire.

Coding is not necessary for building prototypes with InVision, and to help you become better acquainted with this UX/UI tool, you can build your first prototype free. If your wish list includes a tool that can produce a clickable, high-fidelity, interactive prototype, while at the same time providing the collaboration, project management, and usability testing features you need, InVision is by far your best choice. offers a quick way to build high-fidelity, animated, interactive prototypes without any need for coding. Project managers and stakeholders alike will be impressed by the prototypes you present; prototypes that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience

Native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile UI elements are built into the toolkit, but you are free to import your own designs and design elements. More than a few large corporations have taken advantage of this tool’s prototyping capabilities, to review proposed UX designs before committing resources to the product development phase.

Communicating with team members and project stakeholders will never be a problem. With, communications gaps between interested parties become a thing of the past; yet another reason why this UX UI tool is so highly recommended.

Appsee Mobile App UX Analytics

The ability to deliver the ultimate App UX is a claim that may be difficult to back up, but Appsee Mobile App Analytics enables you to do just that. When you have the right quantitative metrics in front of you, you can create a UX that anyone would be proud of, but it could take a great deal of time and effort to do so. Appsee places visual, qualitative information at your fingertips. In doing so, it provides a faster, more practical approach.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience Appsee Mobile App UX Analytics

With Appsee, you can record user sessions to paint a clear picture of how users are interacting with your app interface; something that is not easy to do with numerical data. You can see where on the user interface people are touching, swiping, or tapping, and what responses they are receiving, and whether or not they are getting the desired responses. Appsee can make a difference.


PowerPoint users take note! PowerMockup is the ideal UX UI tool for creating wireframes and mockups for websites and mobile or desktop applications. Simply select shapes and icons from PowerMockup’s library and drag and drop them onto a PowerPoint Slide.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience PowerMockup

PowerPoint functionality will take care of the rest. You can add your own custom shapes to the library as well. If you’re not certain that this prototyping tool is for you, simply download the trial version and give it a try.


With Pidoco, you can create fully interactive prototypes that have the look and feel of what your finished application will look like. You won’t be limited to static screens or user interfaces that give only a hint of the real thing.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience Pidoco

Your prototype can simulate touch gestures, clicks, device motion, and even location data. With Pidoco, you can share and edit design information and test drive your prototypes on real devices in real time. Since Pidoco is a cloud-based tool, you’ll have all the benefits of Saas security.


Lucidchart is yet another premium cloud-based wireframing and diagramming application. It is the ideal solution for a user experience designer looking for an easy way to share sketches or professionally-looking mockups and wireframes. You are given a large library of icons and design elements that you can put into play using drag and drop functionality.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience Lucidchart

Lucidchart is fully compatible for use on PCs, Macs, and all of the standard browsers, plus it can be fully integrated with Google Drive, Google Apps, Jive, and Visio.


Patternry is an online tool for building UI toolkits. Use it to store pattern libraries, style guides, and whatever reusable building blocks you want to save for your projects, both present, and future. Furthermore, Patternry makes it easy for you to share your design and code assets with others.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience Patternry

This is a great tool for you if you have many different projects on tap, or if you are a team member, as it offers an information storage capability you will not find in many UX/UI toolkits.

Notism Collaboration

A number of our top UX/UI picks support team collaboration, and do it well. Notism takes sharing, reviewing, and product sign-off to a new level, making it an especially effective tool for large projects or large teams.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience Notism Collaboration

Notism supports fast, precise feedback. It enables you to communicate via notes or sketches, and you can collaborate with others by video. This unique tool is also a premium web and mobile prototyping tool, a tool that enables real-time presentations, and a project management tool – all rolled into one.


You’ve built your prototype and checked it out on the appropriate platforms, but that in itself does not tell you how successful your UX will be. Loop11 is a usability tool that individuals and teams will find to be extremely helpful when they need to perform wireframe and prototype UX usability testing.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience Loop11

Instead of waiting for test results, Loop11 provides clickstreams, heatmaps, and other useful feedback; and thus tells statistically relevant user stories leading to informed decisions. This is the perfect tool for A/B testing and other types of usability testing.

Form Analytics by UseItBetter

If you rely heavily on forms, you need Form Analytics by UseItBetter. Attempting to find out how to modify a website or application form to improve conversion rates can be a time-consuming, trial-and-error process. This UX/UI analytics tool quickly tells you how to fix form abandonment or entry problems.

ux ui prototype application app web tool resource user experience Form Analytics by UseItBetter

You can compare data from failed visits to those from successful visits to uncover issues in critical need of modification. You can get all the metrics you need to determine which form field is the culprit with a couple of clicks. If you rely heavily on forms, you need this tool.

Summing Up

As you have discovered, our list of UX and UI tools is a cool blend of multi-purpose and special-purpose tools. We’ve purposely included usability tools, since this is one area of prototyping and design work that is all too often neglected.

Being able to measure performance and provide qualitative results before development work is underway can result in huge savings in time and money. We would be only too happy to hear from you, whether you find something you need or feel we have left something out.

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