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10 Reasons to Consider the Startuprr CRO Landing Page Web Template

March 3, 2016 - Uncategorized

If you are about to run a marketing campaign and your main goal is Lead Generation, then you might want to stick around to find out what this new Conversion Rate Optimized (CRO) Landing Page Template by Startuprr has to offer.

There are several reasons why you should consider the following Landing Page Template for your next Marketing Gig. But let us start off with what the Startuprr Co-Founder Sam Rizzi has to say:

Of course, there are many elements to create a good landing page based on your goal, and there are several Landing Page Templates available out there. So what actually makes this one a winner?

We have broken it down into 10 good reasons.

1.Curated by Experts

Startuprr Landing Page has been carefully crafted after consulting with Top-Experts from various Tech Industries such as Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Lead-Generation, User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI), Startup, etc.

2.Design Flavors

The eight beautifully crafted Landing Pages comes in 2 flavors, Total CRO & Mint CRO. Out of which 2 are Total CRO and 6 are MINT CRO.

The Total CRO pages are more goal focused and try to drive the visitor towards taking one-action and limiting any exiting path or distraction, which may result in higher “Time on Page”.

Mint CRO pages, though also goal focused, provide extra features and offer more interactive scope with the page elements.

3.Customer Opinions?

4.CRO Design Highlights

There are several secrets to a great Landing Page. The good news is that many of them have been carefully implemented in this landing page Template.

  • Adding a Picture of a Real Person next to the Lead Generation Form has shown Conversion Rate Increased over 100%.
  • The positioning of the Lead Generation Form with Live Counter along with a Prominent Call-to-Action has shown Conversion Rate Increased over 500%.
  • Adding Real Customer Reviews along with a real person’s Picture has shown Conversion Rate Increased over 30%.
  • Displaying Prices on Landing Page has proven to double Lead Generation.
  • Adding Money Back Guarantee and Security Seals have resulted in increase of Conversion Rate of over 40%.
  • Adding Video to the Landing Page has proven to increase Signups by 100%.
  • And that’s not all, there are many more reasons.

5. CRO Lead Generation Forms Styles

There are total eight beautifully designed working Forms, whether you want a Pop-up form or a Slide In form it all comes in the bundle. They are meant to generate Leads, subscribers or even contains a design to accept payments (payment gateway integration may be required).

6.Designed for Everyone

What if I don’t know how to code?

No worries, you don’t really need to know coding. It comes with a Page Builder, as you may already be familiar with it. It is a simple little user-friendly tool which allows users to easily create beautiful custom HTML Landing Pages by simple drag-and-drop different sections of a website and compiling an entire Landing-Page without touching a single line of code. It also allows you to edit the content, change the color and replace images.

What if I am a developer and I can code a Landing Page from scratch?

Along with the Page Builder, there are also full versions of the carefully crafted highly aesthetic Landing Page templates which will, of course, save you a lot of time and resources.

7.Rigorously Tested (On Different Platforms)

Startuprr has been tested across different platforms and devices. Want your template to look good on mobiles and smartphones, or tablets? Android devices? Windows Phone? iOS devices? Of course, this one masters them all!

And it goes without saying that this landing page template works well on desktop machines too.

8.Customer Support/Documentation

Just in case you ever need help and support setting up Startuprr, you will find premium grade support at hand. Startuprr has been well documented, and you can make use of the extensive documentation as and when you need to.

9.Team of Fantastic Five

Meet the highly talented Team who have worked hard to put together this amazing product for you.

10.Saving Lives

Last but not the least they are also helping Watsi by donating $1 per purchase of this item, that is helping in saving lives.


Startuprr is a winning Landing Page Template as it lets you create custom High Conversion Optimized Landing Pages within minutes. In addition, it comes with a Tool Box with free resources and saves you time that you would otherwise spend for example designing your unique Hero Headers and Sliders.

Plus, it is backed by quality support, is fully compatible across devices and browsers, and has had the approval of industry veterans.

The WordPress version is under active development and shall be available soon. That said, here is where you can get your hands on the full version Startuprr Conversion Rate Optimized Landing Page Template.

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