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10 Best Keynote Presentation Templates

January 20, 2016 - Uncategorized

Do you have you have a business presentation coming up? Are you struggling with designing Keynote slide layouts on your Mac? Do you need to design a compelling presentation that will move an audience?

It’s challenging to take your business goals, and narrow them down, until your message can be presented with clarity.

It’s not easy to reach an audience, get their attention, and make a meaningful connection with them. Your presentation needs to get the funding you’re seeking, lead to a sale you’re pitching, or deliver compelling insights to key stakeholders.

You need to design every slide so that it clearly delivers each part of your business presentation and furthers the narrative you have planned.  Your presentation design needs to make an impact!

If you’re finding designing your presentation to match your goals a bit difficult, don’t worry, we have you covered! What you need is a professional Keynote Template so you can get a jumpstart in the right direction. With a quality template, you have pro design slides and the best features pre-packaged, and ready to work with. That way, you can quickly get a professional presentation put together.

Keynote Slide Design Features

There are a number of our best Keynote presentation templates featured here from GraphicRiver—which are available for purchase and download.

These presentation themes are versatile and designed for multiple business uses. Whether you have a report to give, team to inform, or pitch to drive home, these templates have all the features you’d need to make a creative, top-notch presentation.

Best Keynote Templates
Best Keynote Themes, available for sale on GraphicRiver.

These premium Keynote themes have a ton of presentation options. While feature-rich, they are easy to work with. You can readily add your info, insert your business photos, edit each slide design, and quickly put together your presentation.

You can insert all the slides you need to pace and lead your audience through your presentation. You can work with slides set up for business presentations, such as mission slides, team presentation slides, portfolio slides, and a number of infographic slides. These themes feature hundreds of data driven presentation options—timelines, business model graphics, customizable maps, flow charts, clean comparison tables, and a number of data diagram slides.

Each slide in these themes have unique, modern designs, so your presentation will stand out professionally. They come with simple, yet sophisticated visual options, and a number of layout choices. You can use them to showcase your presentation concepts and tell your business story.

These business themes have a number of advanced Keynote presentation features, such as:

  • multiple design layouts
  • ready to use master slides
  • business-driven infographics
  • a spectrum of color choices
  • handcrafted animations
  • and a whole lot more

Just insert your information into these impactful themes, customize your presentation as you prepare your slide deck, and you’re ready to nail your business presentation!

Premium Keynote Presentation Themes

Here are ten Keynote presentation templates to choose from, all packed with loads of pro features, and built with stylish, modern business designs:

1. Kaspian Keynote Presentation Template

With a modern, standout design, this Keynote template has a minimal, clean business style with impressive angled aesthetic. The skewed photo, and tight cropping, mixed with compelling typography and plenty of white space is made for presenting creative business ideas. This is a high quality, multipurpose theme with an awesome aesthetic. 

It features a whole lot of unique graphic and infographic features, key icons, full color options, drag and drop placeholders for quick adjustments, and a number of advanced presentation features. It’s made for real use, with good readability, and meaningful slide designs.

Kaspian Keynote Presentation Template
Kaspian Keynote Presentation Theme.

2. Motagua – Multipurpose Keynote Template

This clean, modern presentation template is designed for Keynote. There are hundreds of slide designs, ready to put to use on your Mac, and set up for easy customization. You can readily add your info and adjust these slides to your presentation needs. It’s great for business, sales proposal, corporate portfolio, or for any business or creative presentation. There are 16 color themes, layouts based on master slides, editable data charts, vector shapes, engaging animations, and more.

Matagua Keynote Presentation Template
Motagua Keynote Presentation Theme.

3. Reach – Keynote Business Presentation Template

Grab this beautifully designed and functional Keynote theme. This is a versatile theme that can be used for many types of business presentations. The easy to edit slides come with infographic elements, charts, graphs, icon options and more. You can use this for a new business funding request, product overviews, marketing and promotions, market research, social media impact studies, or to train your team.

Reach Keynote Presentation Template
Reach Keynote Business Presentation Theme.

4. Startup Pitch Keynote Template

A good pitch is going to be one of your best chances to get on the roadmap toward success as a startup. If you need to craft a pitch deck, get potential investors to jump in, and put their money into your new business, then this is the theme for you. 

This colorful Keynote presentation template is made for winning startup pitching. It comes with the slide designs you need to define your market, showcase competitor analysis, clarify your value proposition, present your innovative product, and win over investors. There are over 100 slides crafted for startup pitches, as well as slides designed specifically to the Business Model Canvas included.

Startup Pitch Keynote Template
Startup Pitch Keynote Theme.

5. Concept Keynote Premium Template

If you need a modern, multipurpose Keynote presentation template, then this unique and highly flexible theme is a great choice. It’s has a simple, creative design, that gives you an impressive toolset for presenting your business concepts. You can use this presentation template for corporate, creative, sales, or any type of business presentation. There are over 150 slides with a ton of color options, versatile slide layouts, timelines, infographics, portfolio slides, and more.

Concept Keynote Template
Concept Keynote Business Theme.

6. Exalio, Business Keynote Template

Exalio is a creative, multi-purpose presentation template, ready to use in Keynote, designed with style, and easy to customize on your Mac. This  theme is made for agencies, creatives, entrepreneurs to put to use on their next business presentation. It includes a full assortment of slides, with calendar, team slides, infographic slides, pricing pages, portfolio slides, and more. It comes packaged with PSD files for quick mockups as well.

Exalio - Best Keynote Theme for Business Presentations
Exalio – Business Keynote Theme.

7. Best Business Keynote Presentation Template

This Keynote theme is packed with presentation tools to deliver a unique business presentation. There are over 200 presentation slides, a number of color variations built in, and feature-rich visualization options. You can present your business ideas or tell a compelling business story. There is an assortment of data presentation options, such as infographic slides, and text and image layouts, maps, charts, customizable slides, and more. This is a versatile template that can give you a quick start to making a quality presentation.

Best Keynote Template
Best Keynote Presentation Theme.

8. MaxPro-Business Plan Keynote Presentation Template

This Keynote theme is created for multiple business purposes, such as a business report, presenting a business plan, sales presentations, or to showcase your business with creativity. With MaxPro you get 182 unique slide designs, custom animation of each object, multiple color schemes, and custom features so you can deliver a dynamic presentation. It’s designed with custom placeholders and smart art, so you can just drag and drop for easy customizations. Just add your images, text, and data, and you’re ready to give a great presentation!

Best Business Keynote Presentation Template
Best Business Keynote Presentation Theme.

9. Fusion Keynote Template for Business Presentations

The Fusion Keynote presentation template has a colorful professional design with five color theme options. It comes with 10 master slides, over 90 unique slide designs, and a number vector infographics, such as: data charts, tables timelines, illustrations, over 500 icons, etc. This theme packs smart, creative presentation slides so you can present your innovative business ideas!

Fusion Keynote Business Theme
Fusion Keynote Presentation Business Theme.

10. Marketofy – Ultimate Keynote Template

Influence your audience, change minds, and drive sales with this professional Keynote presentation theme. Each of the 200 unique slides in this template are designed with purpose and ready for you to put to use. These slides are made for marketing, sales, or for any creative or business presentation need. You can display your latest sales figures, pitch new clients, or showcase your breakthrough ideas. It’s packed with graphic slides, infographic features, handcrafted animations, editable graphics, hundreds of vector icons, and more.

Marketofy - Best Keynote Presenation Theme
Best Keynote Presentation Theme

3 Quick Keynote Presentation Design Tips

Here are three sure-fire design tips, so you can make the most out of your professional Keynote theme, tell a compelling visual story, and rock your business presentation:

1. Make Best Use of Template Features

There are so many creative Keynote templates to choose from. It can be difficult to make a final decision on which one is best for your presentation. Style and features are two important consideration points.

We’ve presented a number of style options above. For most presentations a clean, minimal business style will be a good fit. But have a look at the presentation slide designs that come packaged inside the theme. All of the templates featured here have a number of slide options. You want to pick one in the style that fits your business needs and comes packed with the right slide presentation options.

Don’t feel as though you need to use all the slides these templates come packed with though. Just make best use of the ones that fit your presentation best. Use the Keynote theme’s master slides, image placeholders, and packaged graphics to keep to a consistent design style as you add your own images, text and data.

Use an illustration or infographic when it’s appropriate, and adds intuitive understanding to what you’re presenting, otherwise keep it simple with text over a photo when that’s all that’s called for. Take care not to add too much to an individual slide or overdo it with animations. Simple and straightforward techniques go a long way towards crafting a professional presentation.

2. Keep Your Slide Designs Focused

You likely have a ton of information you want to communicate in your presentation. Before you even touch a slide though, simplify all your research and marketing material down so that you can deliver a clear message to the room.

Then, with every slide pick a narrow focus. You want to communicate a single component of your presentation in each slide. Make sure each slide you add to your presentation is easy to understand, is clearly presented, and builds into the overall narrative arch of your presentation.

Keep in mind, the more information you try to add to a slide, the more likely you are to inject clutter and confusion. Instead bring intense focus to each one of your slides.

3. Tell an Integrated Visual Story

It’s almost irresistible to want to present a lot of visuals to your audience, but too many graphics, or too much competing data, will just overwhelm them. Above all else, align what you plan to say in your presentation with the visuals you’ll provide. 

You want the data and graphics you present to tell your story. Design your slides to lead your audience through a visual narrative.

If you’re making a sales presentation, then present simple infographics that support your sales figures. Use a straightforward bar chart, rather than a more complicated data visualization, when that’s all that is needed. If you’re pitching your new business idea, then you want photos of your product to line up with the features you’re presenting. Have a clear point to each slide and present only the info and graphics that demonstrate that point best.

Any one of the Keynote templates in this article will give you great presentation features to work with. You can grab the best slide designs and put them to use to connect with your audience. Choose the right layout for your business information, tell an engaging visual story, and drive your message home. 

If you’re more interested in PowerPoint Themes or Google Slides Templates, we have an assortment of those Presentation Templates on GraphicRiver as well.

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